COLT Man Pete Kuzak

The COLT family is giving another hunk the Icon treatment. Last we left the classic series, Steve Kelso was getting his due. Now handsome Pete Kuzak is warming up a new slideshow with his beefy physique. In the 2000s, Pete was a top model in demand, thanks to his muscular frame and manly mustache. His dark mat of fur didn't hurt either. He even had a dildo molded from his cock. "COLT Man Pete Kuzak is known far and wide as the total package", a studio press release says. "Few men exude the masculinity and charisma that are evident in Pete's confident swagger." True, true! When Pete exited the scene, it's said that he went on to open a landscaping business and no longer wanted to be associated with the industry. A notorious YouTube clip shows Pete looking more like an everyday straight dude. So we'll choose to remember him in his fireman garb, looking stunning against a blood-red backdrop. To see more of Pete, visit

Nude hairy hunk Pete_Kuzak

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