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Perros is a Spanish language blog site of remarkable artistry and of some arresting gay BDS & M photographs, videos and, maybe most appealing of all - stories and writing. The site owner supplies an available Google translating software which I took advantage of and was most glad I did. "perro" means dog in Spanish, a fitting and much-intended article in how the author likes his sex - rough and dominant. Series of hard core bondage and domination course throughout this blog, with commentary which somehow not only nails the ambiance but which adds definite heat and flavor. The intimacy in the scene is well drawn and is exquisite, actually - "The aroma of pure love announces the presence of the smoke transferred mouth to mouth, involuntary tears produced by the burning of the eyes, the taste of ash deposited on the tongue, the warmth of the embers coming dangerously close to the nipples, ever present threat of a burn almost ritual, performed slowly and treachery in the leather dog must thank the mark of his Lord." The pictures are virtually professional and the scenes are rife with moisture and atmosphere. This is a discovery, frankly - a fascinating and very artistic blog with pretensions of prime excellence. What a cool visit to such a complex subject matter.

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