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Do I think Antonio "Big Top Dick" Biaggi, Rocco "Big Top Dick" Steele and Brad "Big Top Dick" McGuire will retire from porn with their records of being exclusive tops intact? Maybe. But for every gay porn performer who maintains their camera butthole cherry (and even their cocksucker cherry), there's loads more who've given it up.

I was just talking to Antonio Biaggi while I was doing my laundry. It's slightly possible I was talking to myself because I've never met Antonio and to the best of my knowledge he doesn't live in my basement. But when I asked him about his ass he told me "Never gonna get it, never gonna get it, never gonna get it, never gonna get it, never gonna get it, never gonna get it, never gonna get it, a whoo-whoo-whoo." Or maybe that was En Vogue I ran into? Well whoever it was put a bunch of sequined dresses in the washing machine so good luck to them.

I remember how big a deal it was when Jeff Stryker finally sucked cock, aka finally cashed a check to suck cock. The straight-touted porn dudes taking dick (even orally) was like some kind of achievement of the gay porn viewing public (which, let's face it, includes a certain percentage of horny lesbians). Our unified dollars and fandom created the situation where Jeff Stryker took dick. The closest these guys come to being penetrated is being rimmed. And last I checked a tongue is not a dick. I think Aristotle said that once.

But the part I like about the guys who are exclusive tops is not the on-camera situation, but rather the fact that they've drawn professional boundaries. They're taking control of their scenes and image. They are being their brand. But who's more macho on screen, a top or a bottom? Well look at the cocks of these tops and tell me how impressive it is to get fucked by them. Rocco Steele is splitting my hole open right now and he's a couple thousand miles away from me. I can't take it Rocco. Seriously. Take it out.

So what do these guys do in their private lives? I'm going to guess they do everything. Then smile.

But I do hope that (unlike all the female celebrity private nude pics that recently leaked online from a hack), nobody gets a hold of any private photos of these guys bottoming. That would totally ruin their images. They could never show their faces in porn church on Sunday again. Scandalous!

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