Perking The Pansies

You might be wondering what on earth Perking The Pansies is about, what does it mean? Well, it's simple really. It is the title of a book written by a gay ex-pat who lived in Turkey with his civil partner for around four years. The book tells of their adventures of being gay guys living in a Muslim country, and it's for sale at Amazon. This site is all about the book and the promotion of it, plus the blog owners' thoughts on all things including all things gay. There are links off to another site where you can find out more about the author, Jack, and a link over to where you can find out more about his book. I notice that that page lists not only Amazon but Gay's The Word, Prowler, and even Foyels of London (the guys are British), so I wonder if the book is also for sale there. But as for the blog, well, that is keeping us up-to-date with their lives back in Norwich, UK, with views and notes about gay life in Great Britain and elsewhere, so it's worth a visit just for that alone. Me? I think I'll go and order a copy of the book, I mean: two gay guys living in Turkey? It's got to be fascinating, hasn't it?

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