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Issac loves being the center of attention. And posing nude for Fratmen is going to get him plenty of that. Fratmen is one of the Net's most popular college-aged guy sites, so Isaac will have plenty of fans. A lot of guys have to warm up to camera, taking their time to work up to the Full Monty. But Isaac had no problem. He stripped off his t-shirt, revealing a smooth chest and a ripped set of abs. Crawling out of the waistband of his jeans is a patch of fur and a dark treasure trail creeps towards his navel. Isaac unbuttons his jeans to release his cock. It's not a huge cock, comfortably average is how I like to call them. Big enough to know that you've got a dick in your mouth, but not so big that you're choking and gasping for air. But I do like Isaac's ass. It's perfectly round and smooth. Isaac climbs into the shower and enjoys the spray trickling down his firm body. And then, of course, he settles back on the bed for a long, slow jack off session. And get ready, can this guy squirt!

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