Does your penis need a hug? And mouth hugs and ass hugs aren't doing the trick? Try a penis to penis hug. Just find a dude with a long, stretchy foreskin and ask his penis to give your penis a hug. Because hugs release endorphins. And precum.

Docking's what guys do after sword play, like to make up. You know sword play, when you fake duel with your hard pricks? Well gotta make up after that. And make up right. Hug it out, fellas!

So once docked what can you do? And is foreskin docking anything like docking your laptop?

Well you can pee by surprise. Or slowly stroke each other not by surprise. You're already half stroking just having your cocks touching at all. And holding that foreskin secure, making it balloon out with basically two cock heads at once. What else can you do? Make out hard. Then suck and dock and suck and dock. And maybe watch a Netflix marathon of some crap show.

You know what I miss on Netflix? They used to have a section of fitness videos. All horrible knock-offs of Buns of Steel and Abs of Steel. Called Buns of Tin and Abs of Balsa. You know balsa, right? That light, weak wood. You totally don't want your abs like that at all. Unless your fitness goal is to float really easily. I'm definitely going to send Netflix a complaint email about balsa wood and foreskin and abs.

So maybe I have a foreskin and maybe I don't, but if I did, or because I do, would I be into docking? Well, yeah. And it'd go like this. Both start out soft. Wrangle that foreskin around your buddy's fingers then around his penis head, but keep it soft. Until you both get hard and can feel each other getting hard. Your heads pressing into each other. Until docking isn't possible anymore. Then you just leave and go home. I mean then you fuck.

Two guys having sex sure is complicated!

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