In honor of this post about exhibitionism, I'm writing this naked with the blinds open. With a naked string quartet playing the theme to Naked Lunch. But if nobody is looking in my window, am I even showing off? Exhibitionists totally depend on peeper, or at minimum, watchers. Still nobody is a greater enemy to a peeper than an exhibitionist. Why?

Because if you're a peeper you want to check out a guy without him knowing. You want to sneak a peek. You want to intrude. You want X-ray vision (like the classic X-ray Specs sold in backs of comic books). You want to see everything.

That's the minority though. It's mostly a dance. Looker and looked. Seer and seen. Eyes and penis. The guy who goes into the locker room wearing a towel, then pulls it off and sits on flat, his cock exposed. Then he doesn't make eye contact with anyone as he spreads his legs and closes his eyes. Look at me. I don't mind. But don't say a word. You'll break the spell.

Or the guy jacking off in his window in the gayborhood as fellas stream home after the bars close. He's bait. And he'll invite someone up.

Or Skype sluts. Or subway strokers. Or urinal jackers. Or college streakers. Or Australian Rules Football players who don't fight too hard when their shorts get tugged down.

There's a line though when it goes from wonderfully sleazy to mundane nudity. Can someone be an exhibitionist on a nude beach? Or does that carry more weight in a shopping mall food court? How about halfway opening the door to your hotel room while you're masturbating? If you could be caught but aren't, is that being an exhibitionist? If you're scanning apartment windows for nude guys are you a voyeur even if you don't find any? And if you look at a hot, yet fully clothed, guy on the street through your blinds and he can't see you back, what are you then? How about if you're masturbating when you do it?

Keep looking. Keep showing. Keep stroking. Keep fucking.

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