Pecs And Flex

Prime muscle men photos are what Pecs and Flex is all about. It's an image-led blog where the shirts come off and the bulges get flexed. It's made up of re-blogged and submitted photos from all across the web. You are encouraged to send in your own photos, too, and I can see that several famous stars and athletes already have. Not. They are taken from somewhere else, of course. But there's a great line-up of ordinary guys and known faces here. I say 'ordinary', but there is very little that's ordinary about these guys. They are all fit and toned, and somehow the blog-master has found guys who are not only nicely muscled but who have the chiseled and lean faces to go with those muscles. It's a long page of beautiful and strong men in images, with some gifs; there are links in some cases to full photo sets, and there is the occasional flash of cock. But mainly you are just throwing yourself into a sea of sexy male muscle here, and it's a pretty big sea, too.

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