Dane is an amateur, but not a first-timer - he's done a couple porn videos for You Love Jack. Dane is into music, peace, ecology - and he's also into jacking off. And to be fair - who isn't? Dane has that earthy hippie thing going on with his dreads, scruffy beard and laid back attitude. He's also got a nice lean body that he doesn't mind showing off as he says he's always believed that nudity is the natural way to be. Cool, man. And Dane has one more feature ya gotta love - his juicy uncut 7 inch cock!

When Dane's cock gets hard, his foreskin pulls back to expose that mushroom-shaped head that's not too big and not too small. He has a beautiful cock with just a little curve.


Dane says he loves to masturbate - I guess because it's natural. Or just because it feels great. He has great J/O technique, and this closeup shows not only that yummy cock but also a very tempting treasure trail.


After a vigorous jerking session in which Dane slides a buttplug into his tight ass, he can't hold back any longer and shoots a wad of thick, sticky jizz for the camera!


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