You know what I really like about Buk Buddies? They always find the real amateurs - the ones who don't pluck, trim or shave their body hair in an effort to look like a pornstar. Paul is one of their latest finds - and, as they say, he's a warm furry teddy bear of a man. While everything about Paul is sexy - his entire furry body is hot - I thought I'd start off with something we don't see enough of here on Gaydemon or anywhere else - his unshaved hairy ass!

Paul has never stripped for a camera before, but he had a good time taking off his clothes while on video. His nicely trimmed beard accents his attractive face and warm friendly smile.


When it was time for the underwear to come off, the Buk Buddies photographer had Paul turn around and... er... smile for the camera. Love those firm thighs and the tattoo on his calf!


And once all the stripping and posing is done, Paul gets to down to it. He gets comfortable, spreads his hairy legs apart and grabs his hard dick, gives it a squeeze and does his first jack off in front of a camera!


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