What is it about the hairy man? The bearded man? Perhaps it's the knowledge that we all used to be hairy animals, running around hunting and gathering, our excessive body hair the only thing covering our naked selves. Anyway, all I know is that it really turns my crank. And therefore, so does BukBuddies' Paul here. Paul isn't a complete ape, but he sure has fur in all the right places. He's also an extremely attractive man. Let's take a look as he has a little fun by himself.


What better way to watch yourself have some fun than with a good cam and a huge screen? They don't call Paul "The Voyeur" for nothing. He loves to watch himself as he tugs on his delicious meat and writhes around in lust.


I had to show a few shots of Paul's invitingly hairy butt. Dark fur circling his hole, coming out to meet his buttocks and thighs. It sure stirs up something inside me I can tell you. Some kind of yearning. Some kind of erection!


There's another pic of his splendid behind. Check out his feet too! Mmmm, I could suck on those for a very long time. The tatts have a certain allure to them as well. This guy is some package, aint' he? Yeah, BukBuddies always bring around some mighty handsome men. The kind of guys that can brighten up your day no matter what it's been like.

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