When you're talking about professional graphic artists showing off their fine works, it only stands to reason that their web sites are going to be no less so. Right from the warning page we are well aware we are about to enter a world of some of the finest comic and graphic artistry around. A simple, yet very well designed and thought out main page meets us upon entry to the home page. Our main menu is in the left sidebar and pages include: "Blog", "Buy Comics", "PF Gear", "Portfolio", and a few other great links. I of course checked out both "Suite 1" and "Suite 2" of "Portfolio". Once again I have to say that some folks are just so damn talented. Patrick's work is some of the finest I've ever seen in the world of digital graphics. Grandiose and colorful characters jump out at you in fantastic and sexually provocative gestures and poses. Male, female, clothed, or not, your eyes will get lost in the explicit detail and amazing realness of each and every piece of work. Patrick is gay, so most of his work includes nude portrayals of very hot and idealistic men. The man sure knows what he's doing and we're all positive you will agree. Great site and sensational artwork.

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