patient's revenge

I love watching Phenix Saint when he does a scene on Bound Gods. He's quite often cast in a turn-the-tables BDSM scene where he initially finds himself bound and being abused. But somehow this hot muscle stud always worms his way out of his bindings and turns his anger on his tormentor. In this Bound Gods scene, Phenix is in the psycho ward. He's is a straight jacket and locked in a padding room and he's screaming for help. Unfortunately for Phenix, the sadistic night orderly Jason Miller is on duty.

Phenix is complaining about some pain, so the orderly takes him to the examining room. When Phenix comes to, he finds himself chained to the hospital bed and he realizes that he must have been drugged with choloform. Tied to the bed, Phenix endures some electric stimulation to his big, stiffening cock. It's painful and Phenix screams loudly, straining to find a way out of his binds. Phenix finally breaks free and he's pissed.

Phenix restrains the orderly and gets his revenge. Jason feels how it painful it is to have electricity running through his cock. And now he's wishing he had treated Phenix more kindly. Phenix flogs and canes Jason's tender ass, and despite the orderly's pleas, Phenix beats him under bright red welts emerge across his butt cheeks. Then Phenix forces Jason to suck his cock. Jason is suspended from the ceiling with his hands tied behind his back and Phenix is thrusting up into this cocksucker's mouth.

Then Phenix plows his big stiff cock into the nurse's ass and fucks him hard. In the final blow of humiliation, Phenix cums all over Jason's face. Then leaves him tied up for the day staff to find him. If you've never heard a man scream in pain as a electric wand is used on his cock, you'll want to head to Bound Gods and watch the free video clip of this scene. Jason's screams will have your balls tightening in your shorts.

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