Pat Lee Photography

Pat Lee is a Chicago based photographer with over ten years' experience in the profession. Here you've got his free site where you can sample some of his work. He is online and looking for bookings as well as looking for models, so if you have what he takes, you could find your own assignments from looking at this site. But you will have to fit in with the style of guy being shown here, I guess. Rugged, handsome, fit and athletic. Click the 'enter the gallery' button and you get to see recent work, you can buy prints or just browse around. An automatic slideshow starts and takes you through images of dreamy men posing and relaxing as quiet music plays. It's a wonderful way to drift off and lose half an hour or so. But the main point of visiting the site is to check out this wonderful work. The lighting, composition and subjects are all just perfect, and those ten years of experience show though. You've got a couple of galleries to view here - all the images are stunning, and many are for sale.

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