Gay porn star Parker London edged in bondage

The new Men on Edge site sure knows how to bury the lead! In a press release for a new scene with porn star Parker London, the online studio goes on and on about what they did to this big hunk of wholesome man. Then, in the last sentence, they write, "This is Parker London's last cumshot on video. We will miss you Parker!" WTF? The popular model for Cocksure Men, Next Door Buddies and Man Handled has taken "breaks" from the industry before, so who knows if this is true. But if it is, he's sure going out with a bang in this scene in which he's blindfolded, tied up and edged for days. The KinkMen staff put clips on his nipples and flog his beefy butt and chest. The tattooed stud is fucked with a vibrator while suspended in midair (above). Then, in full body bondage, London is tied to a bed (below) and jacked mercilessly until he's sooooo ready to pop. It's then that they decide to tickle torture him! A vibrating cock ring on his dick head finally makes him spew without touching himself. What a way to finish! We hope it's not true, but if so...farewell, Parker! You got us off one last time! For more information, visit

Parker London bound and blindfolded

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