Many have long considered Long Beach Pride the unofficial start of the of the Summer Pride season - which includes Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and all the other s's - but I'm sure it has nothing to do with its date on the Gregorian calendar which happens to fall on the weekend before the all-important Memorial Day holiday. For those of you unversed in American custom, it's the weekend when Americans cook hot dogs, eat hamburgers, do a lot of praying and once again show the world that if we still do one thing right, it's par-tay while increasing our dependency on Zocor.

But it also just so happens that Club Papi, a name synonymous with the anti-circumcision movement, exploded onto the scene this past weekend, and they've recently posted their pictures up on their site.

So let's take a looksee, shall we, and find out why something happened with the earth's gravitational pull last weekend in Long Beach:

Example A:

Example A

Now here's something who is fashion forward. I actually like the grey with yellow ,and am willing to overlook the way-tired white-framed sunglasses because, well, the outline of his cock is pretty and he's got more confidence than a bookie on Obama's prospects in 2012.

Exampe B:

Example B

Of course we know why you're smiling. It's because you're the first, proud owner of 1993 Schwinn Classic bikechain, an expression that means nothing in light of that cock he appears to have in his undies.

This Latin god seems to have been designed to answer one of life's vexing questions: When is suicide justified?

Example C:

Example C

Oh, sure, just parade around on a stage and look fabulous, why don't you? Well, the jokes on you because I already bought a pair of those chartreuse Speedos last summer, although I will say the only heads I turned were already put on the stretcher that way before being rushed off to the emergency room.

Finally, Example D:

Example D

Lady, take your golden, glittering unitard-y self out of the way;. Can't you see there is a hot guy standing behind you, for the love of the Virgin of Guadalupe??

For more pics, see the website.

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