It's always fun to see a top man take a fall. So who's the latest screen stud to go bottom's up!? None other than British hunk Paddy O'Brian. has announced that later this month the porn superstar will be taking cock for the first time on-screen (though we haven't forgotten this dildo scene!). His bottoming debut will be part of the Top to Bottom series, and for now, the online studio is keeping mum about who is doing the fucking. (We have a few suggestions but will hold our tongue.) They're saying that fans won't be disappointed by their choice. (Hmmm, maybe it's Chris Crocker?! He probably wouldn't agree to wear a condom, though.) Hey, anyone who can jackhammer this manly man and fill him to the brim with dick will win our hearts--and hard-ons. Log on July 26 when the scene debuts to meet Paddy's first top. For more information and clues, visit


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