Paddy O'Brian Gives Up

Porn star Paddy O'Brian may be a recent exclusive for Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios, but that hasn't stopped the British stud from getting intimate with a dildo for the World of Men site. The blurb for this solo claims that his "virgin hole" is getting worked over in his "first-ever dildo abuse scene". Ha! In the scenario, Paddy plays a cop who throws his legs in the air, offering graphic close-ups of his rosy pucker. Soon, he's teasing his hairy hole with a butt plug and the precum is flowing. (Always a good sign!) That's when the billy club comes out, lubed and ready to penetrate. Yes, Paddy goes to that "virgin territory," leading to massive amounts of jizz. This officer knows how to make an arresting (anal) debut!

Gay pornstar Paddy O'Brian fucks his own hairy ass with a nightstick

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