Paddy O'Brian

Paddy O' Brian is one of those sexy straight guys we see teasing us on a lot of gay porn sites, mostly the British ones, and this week he's hauling out his super fat cock for UK Naked Men. He's a born exhibitionist and with a deliciously thick piece of meat like he's got, I'd be pulling it out and showing it off, too. This muscle boy has a beautiful dick with a fat mushroom head.

UK Naked Men says that Paddy O'Brian is 99.7% straight. I've seen him getting his dick serviced on plenty of sites, but he's still sporting a virgin ass. And UKNM says that they be concentrating on "bringing that 0.3% to the fore!" It sure would be nice to see some big-dicked stud sliding his uncut meat inside Paddy's hairy hole.

I don't know when or if that will ever happen, so for now, you'll have to be content watching him fisting his thick dick and shooting another spectacular load. I can live with that. Paddy's also got a couple of photo galleries at UK Naked Men and one where he's stripping out of a suit, so there's plenty of him to see.

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