Straight or not, when it cums to fucking a hole with his big latin cock, Paco knows what the hell he's doing. And I would bet that Bobby takes it as good as anyone. NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN bring us another sensational straight guy-gay guy scene here. Paco had always wanted to drive a willing bottom boy like Bobby. With his cute little ass and submissive nature, NYSM couldn't have chosen a more apt receiver.


Ride him good Paco! What a fucking hot shot! LOL. Bobby's taking it good eh guys? In a shot like this I would be satisfied to be in either position. Of course, Paco's pretty hot. Hmmm. It's food for thought that's for sure.


Yeah man. Paco coats Bobby in a nice load of spicy latino jizz. Bobby looks as though he was fucked very nicely. I bet he was. This Paco fella is an animal and that's just about what what the doctor ordered I would think.


Check out that big smile on Bobby's face! LOL. The lad never knew what hit him. With a top like Paco riding you like a brahma bull, it's no wonder. Nothing like that pleasantly painful sore asshole after a hunk has ripped at you hole good and hard. NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN give you all the straight meat you can ask for. They'll do anything they can to get their rocks off and that's all that counts with these guys!

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