Perfect Guyz' Owen really lives up to the name. This young man is just gorgeous. At a youthful 22 years of age, and standing at 5'10, this boy is simply nice to look at. Blessed with a beautiful olive complexion, thick dark hair and a smooth deep sensual voice, Owen certainly deserves a small chapter in the Gaydemon blog archives.


Check out those abs! You could do your freakin' laundry on them! Of course, they are many more ideas that cum to mind when looking at this beautiful hunks bod. Licking him from head to toe for starters would be a great time I would imagine. After the tongue bath, perhaps some spit swapping for a long long time.


There's that wonderful natural athletic chest. Just enough muscle to know you're with a real hunk who takes pride in his health. And that's a sure sign of virility. And you know what that means right? Nothing but hot times with a sweety like this.


Rumour has it that as soon as Owen shed his clothing and got in front of the camera it was quite clear he had a lust for showing off. I would say that it's very evident in these shots. The man is just plain hot and we can only hope that Perfect Guyz has him around for a very very long time to cum.

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