Dirty Tony's Otto is in a rock band. He's hoping that he can stir up some controversy by appearing in some gay porn. He's not really sure if he's gay or straight. But while he was on the casting couch, he made a few statements that led everyone to believe he's interested in more than just fucking chicks. In fact, he says he's kissed a few guys in his life. That would be superb as he so damned hot I think I'm going to blow a gasket here staring at his huge cock and sexy tattoos. And the thick white goo that erupts from his splendid length looks just absolutely delicious too.


If you ever really want to know how well hung a guy is have him turn around and bend over when all his clothes are off. If he sways in the breeze like Otto here then you know you've got a hold of a beast of a cock. Of course, if he has an arse like this dude too, you're really cookin' with gas!


Oh man. I think I'm seriously in lust with this guy. His cock head all purple and bloated like that is doing some weird things to my body. Kinda like butterflies coupled with a raging erection. Look at all that luscious cum. He's so thick and that's what really gets to my loins. Dirty Tony have really stepped things up a notch lately and if they keep it up with guys like Otto here then heaven is only a stroke away. Hopefully they can get this perfect stud to fuck a few guys one day. Oh man I'll be here for that for sure!

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