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Both of these sexy men have caught my attention at Hot Older Male over the past several months, so I was thrilled when I found them together is a steamy, outdoor suck and fuck session. Roman Wright and Marc Angelo are hiking through the woods when they come upon a secluded platform in a stand of redwoods -- their own private fuck nest! Roman is only 28 years old, but he's a big fan of older men, they really turn his crank. The bearded cub stands 6'1" and weighs in at 240 pounds. His chest and belly are furry and his nipples stand out like two dark-brown beacons in that sea of black chest hair. He's got a nice big cock and a healthy pair of low-hanging balls, and bearded older man Marc wastes no time getting that thick cock down his throat. Marc is a good-looking, 40-year-old man with a solid and hairy body and a deliciously foreskinned dick. Roman loves feeling his daddy's mouth on his dick, but he's really interested in burying his cock deep inside Marc's beefy ass. So after bending Marc over an Adirondack chair and greasing the daddy's butt hole with his tongue, he plows all 240 pounds into Marc's ass.

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