Fucking Outdoors

Recently Corbin Fisher took a bunch of new guys up to the farm for some outdoors sex scenes. It's always a little risky taking newcomers off to a strange setting, especially when you're dealing with first-timers to the whole guy-on-guy sex scene. You just never know how they're going to perform outside the comfort and privacy of the studio. Kirk is a hot-looking, athletic stud; and he's only ever fucked one guy, and that was also his first gay sex scene on Corbin Fisher. When he and Bryan paired up for their outdoor sex scene, it wasn't long before Bryan has his lips wrapped around Kirk's cock. At one point Kirk looked down at Bryan slobbering all over his cock and said, "That's awesome!" He was definitely enjoying this. Surprisingly, Kirk even got down between Bryan's legs and gave him a long, slow blowjob - it seems he wanted to enjoy every inch of that long, meaty, uncut dick. He was in no hurry. Finally Bryan says, "I want you in me so bad!" and he throws his legs up in the air. Kirk slowly slides his dick into Bryan's hole and starts to pump. A few minutes later, Bryan is enjoying Kirk's dick so much that he can't hold back any longer and he starts to pump out a huge load of spunk. The guys are on their sides and Kirk continues to thrust deeply into Bryan's tightening and spasming hole. But watching his buddy cum gets Kirk really riled up, so he pulls out his dick and after a couple of strokes, he's covers Bryan's cock and balls with a thick load of spunk!

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