Outdoor Jack Off

Steve Chadwell recently went on one of the Bear Films cruises. And what a hot event this is. Can you imagine being locked up on a boat with a few hundred bears and hairy men? With nothing but bears and ocean as far as the eye can see - it sounds pretty hot. Steve is a good-looking British man who is very hairy and sporting a sexy, full beard. Early one morning, before all the bears started stirring, Steve went up on deck to enjoy the sun. He reached under his t-shirt and started rubbing his hairy belly and chest. And then, his hand slid inside his shorts. His uncut cock started to stir. As his dick swelled, he just couldn't help himself. So he pulled off his shorts and t-shirt and really set about getting his dick hard. He tugged and pulled his foreskin, and he's got lots of it. Standing completely naked outdoors, the breeze whipping his chest hair, Steve started pumping his cock. It didn't take long before he was ready to shoot, so he spray his jizz all over the glass guard rail. It was a hot creamy load and it looked beautiful on the glass with the deep blue ocean in the background.

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