What else is there to do in Utah except find a secluded spot in the woods and amuse yourself with a hot, outdoor jack off session. Cute, young Ryan here is showing us how its done. He's the latest young guy to join the ranks at BoyFunk. Ryan finds a clearing and settles back on a big rock and whips out his big, 8-inch cock. He slides his jeans down just enough so he can release that thick cock of his. It's a hot piece of meat with a juicy, fat cock head. He's got a tight set of balls. As his cock swells, Ryan stands up and leans against a moss-covered boulder. His jeans slide further down his thighs and we get a sense of how big his cock is. Standing there in the open air, Ryan pumps his big cock. With one hand wrapped tightly around his balls and the other jacking his cock, Ryan's getting pretty excited. He's jacking pretty furiously. Every few strokes he stops are rubs his hand vigorously over his cock head. As he gets close to blow his load he moves he grips just beneath his swollen cock head, and then, the juice starts pumping out and all over the ground. What a waste! Oh well, it's on video, so I can watch it over and over again. :)

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