Out Traveler

Clearly Out Traveler is a news, blog, website, magazine, place for gay travelers. Or for anyone who likes to travel, really, and it is very comprehensive. I found the pages easy enough to navigate and read. Though peppered with advertisements these ads were for useful and relevant things, like destinations and travel agencies, so that was fine. You can find city guides here from Amsterdam to Zurich, some of the main, standard, gay destinations are covered. There are articles to read all about gay holidays and travel, and these are full, well-written articles with good quality images. These are not just about clubs, parties and sex, as there is more to being gay than sex; they are about local culture, things to see and do, places to stay. It's like having an e-guidebook in front of you, and comes with a search engine to help you find what you're looking for. There is a vacation booking function where you can find online deals so it also acts as a brochure in that respect covering four main U.S. Cities, London and Paris. It's a great resource if you're looking for holiday ideas any time of year and more or less anywhere in the world.

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