Out Magazine

Out Magazine is your regular online 'cover-all' gay magazine. Here you find a great collection of everything you didn't realize you couldn't live without knowing until you realized you didn't know you needed to know it. You start off with updates from the world of entertainment, fashion, life in general, and work through to travel, the wedding guide, all you ever wanted to know about how to have a perfect gay lifestyle. And it's free. You can subscribe, in which case you can get the print edition delivered, or you can simply browse around the online pages.

There are write ups about recent films, there are articles about music and nightlife, vacations and trips, all and everything. What's really neat about this site, though, is the professional standards that it maintains. Whereas I am used to checking into blogs and reading half a sentence of something and then moving on, here you find yourself compelled to stop for a good, 'serious' read. It's like having a Sunday newspaper every day and it's all focused on gay issues and gay life. So, don't go out for a takeout paper for your news, stay in and take Out.

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