Oriental Heat Mag

When I went to check out Oriental Heat Mag I found that it had not been updated for a while; a few months, in fact. I'm not sure if it has come to a halt or if it's just on a break, but what I did find was still worth sharing. The archives of posts dated back about a year, and the blog was clearly all about twinky Asian guys, sexy ones at that. Korean models, porn models, shots from sex films, shots from gay sites, Chinese and Japanese boys, athletes, swimmers, you name it there were many Oriental twinks appearing here. I found this neat trick: if you use the category cloud of words on the left you can find all kinds of content that might otherwise stay hidden or be hard to find. Doing this I found that the blog currently works beast as a kind of 'lucky dip' of horny Oriental guy images. Each time you've visited a category it changes colour in the list so you know where you've been. And, when you've been through the current list you can start to explore the blogroll which will take you off to all kinds of ethnic themed, and other, gay sites of interest.

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