Who's the boss? Master. But even with all that bossing, there are some things a sub will rarely, if ever, hear:

  • Make my grilled cheese sandwich with a more precisely cut tomato inside of it, bitch.
  • Write an apology letter to Amanda Bynes for being ugly amd therefore ruining her day, cunt.
  • Cohost The View starting in Fall 2013, fucker.
  • Have anal sex 47 times tomorrow with 48 different guys of my choice, boy.
  • Give me a foot rub with your ears, it.
  • Let's go vegan so we can call ourselves pleathermen because that will impress everyone, sissy.
  • Paula Deen and Sarah Palin 2016. Start licking envelopes now, slave.
  • Do my community college Physics 101 homework and do it right, you bucket of slop.
  • Wash both my unmentionables and my mentionables, shithead.
  • Fold the cloth napkins into dodechahedrons and don't lose them in the fourth dimension again like last time, fucknut.
  • Don't do what I say, wench.

Yeah, about that picture. Fonzie's a Master. And a high school dropout. Sexy!

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