Oral Cock Worship

Oral Cock Worship absolutely delivers on its name. This enthusiastic bottom has a real hard-on for anything dealing with pulsating hard cocks, and he proves it in every single way. This blog is extremely straightforward, rarely veering from its undivided love for cocks. It is hot, needy, lusty - all that and more. The author writes very well, describing his sensations and bringing some high quality descriptions, not only to his experiences with all those lovely cocks he fondles, plays with, sucks and lets fuck him, but he also talks nicely about his feelings before and after the events. This is a hot man, all over his prize enthusiasm, and it is pretty damned electric and addictive. We follow him on various adventures as he encounters cocks with his face and we see how he accomplishes his real goal of making other men cum. Lusty, over-heated talk unfolds scenarios of hot gay male sex as cocks get cordially invited to meet all the holes the author can possibly offer. This is a fucking hot blog, as if you couldn't tell.

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