What do you do if you are a big hunky muscle dude who has had enough of flashing his incredible tits for the gays on Muscle Gallery and you wanna make a difference for your country?

Well, if you are Andre Barnett, the obvious answer is run for president of the United States! DUH! This studly 36 year old has been a fitness model for quite some time and he also posed semi-nude for Muscle Gallery,where he shows off his Greek God-like body, but Andre wanted more outta his life, a lot more!

Andre Barnett is running for president as a Reform Party candidate, and to say that some of his reforms are kinda asshole-ish would be an understatement. Preaching for a "family focused" America and school prayer is not something I would want to have where I'm living, but then again I am a moral-less slut, so what do I know!


His campaign site describes him pretty much as a saint and (no surprise here) there is no mention of his ..ummm... "modelling days" and of course there are no semi-nude pics on that site! I think that is really the wrong way to go 'cos you can bet your bottom butt-plug that the gays would be casting their vote for Andre had he decided to flash those incredible chi-chis!

If you are slightly interested in his political views, you can go HERE, but however if you are more interested in seeing him without most of his clothes on, you can go HERE. I know which "here" all you HOMOS will be clicking on... SLUTS!

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