There really is nothing else in life that evokes such a feeling of freedom as a nudist camp site. Or at least one where clothing is optional. With the warmer weather on us soon, it's time to book your nudist campground for the summer guys. Oneida Resort has been serving the gay male community since 1980. 100 acres of lovely land located in New Milford PA USA for you to roam around naked as a jaybird, swim, fish, jog, fuck and do whatever the hell you please. Having checked out several of these resources, I'd have to say that Oneida's rates are quite reasonable and the lodgings look very comfortable. A dear friend and member of a site I run for raunchy dudes owns and runs the place and assures me that the kinkier species of gay man need not fret. For the fun and games at Oneida Resort is so versatile that there is nary a moment when you will actually be alone unless you choose to be. Sounds like heaven to me!

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