Gaydemon is proud to announce that David Solomon, one of the writers from the Gaydemon Stories collection, has just been published his first erotic short story collection. Titled "Bad Boys Are Good Too", this collection covers everything - first time gay sex, military men, transsexual and even a bisexual romp with a middle-aged couple. There's even a story about drag queens. David's stories aren't just quickie porn stories. There's plenty of sex, but there's also lots of plot development as he makes you feel involved with his characters and to care about them even as he makes you horny. David's stories are published on a number of websites, but this is his first print collection. You can read two of his stories here: Cross My Heart and Bad Boys Are Good Too. If you love erotic stories that not only turn you on but are also a fun and interesting read, we recommend you check out his new collection on Amazon called Bad Boys Are Good Too.

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