One More On The Wall

Art lover? Gay art lover? Just appreciate art? Take a look at One More On The Wall. I found this as I was browsing around and wondered what it was all about. I then saw works of art by Shane Wolf, Andrej Dubravsky, and photographer Gastohn Barrios, among many others. These were all presented with good sized reproductions of the original painting or photo against a black background, and among videos and links. Clicking some of these examples I was taken to galleries with even more images to view. There was some info, the occasional note of news, but mainly we are looking at a collection of varied art. The theme is men, or the male form, or even sex, and erotica, the styles are very varied, the work is modern and certainly eclectic and the whole thing is just a fascinating place to come and browse. Like wandering into an art gallery dedicated to images of all things male and sexual, and with links to all kinds of other related blogs and sites too. Love art? You will love this blog.

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