Meet Kyle Stevens from Manifest Men. He's like a work of art from the rear, with his bulging shoulders, tapered waist, wide muscled back. And then there's my two favorite parts - his incredible legs and that perfect, sculpted ass!

This gorgeous hunk of muscle is 24 years old and started out wrestling in school. He actually started lifting weights to build more muscle for wrestling, but after an injury, he got bit by the bodybuilding bug. He saw his body changing, becoming muscular, powerful. Kyle liked the attention he got from women and he liked what he saw in the mirror.

Next thing you know, he got serious and started bulking up, taking his workouts - and his body - to the next level. He couldn't put the weights down. Perfecting his physique became his passion!


And what a physique it is! Kyle competed in his first bodybuilding contest. He loved the lights, the attention, the admiration that his hard workouts brought him. He competed in another show, and another...


Kyle is currently involved in modeling and competitive bodybuilding. He loves showing off that beautiful muscular body and he especially loves it in front of the camera. And that's a good thing, because I just can't get enough!


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