One Gay At A Time

Here's an honest look at being gay in the form of a blog that started in 2011. The reason One Gay At A Time started was because its author realized that, at the age of 26, he was gay. So he stared blogging about his life in New York, his dating and, as he puts it 'what happens next'. This is the kind of blog where you need to curl up in bed with a cup of tea on a Sunday morning and read it as if it were a color supplement to the Sunday news. It's got that kind of journalistic feel to it, with excellent words and well placed images. It's homely and interesting, thought provoking and a little bit addictive. And it is also updated about once a day with weekends off for you to catch up. Certainly if you like reading about other people's lives then you're going to love it, and if you are also not sure about coming out or being gay, then it's going to inspire you.

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