One-Dollar Coin Could Be Good For The Male Stripping Industry

Several US Senators, including Arizona's John McCain, are attempting to eliminate the one-dollar bill. To be replaced by a one-dollar coin. Most other industrialized nations have already made the switch, with the US being one of the last holdouts.

Anytime there is change, there is opposition. One industry that is reluctant to convert to one-dollar coins is the male stripping industry. How would you be able to slide those dollar bills into a g-string?

Senator McCain was asked that very question. His response? "Then I hope that they could obtain larger denominations. Fives, tens, one hundreds!"

If that was the case, then male strippers could be rolling it the dough. Tips might multiple overnight! So how do other countries handle one-dollar coins, in terms of tipping male strippers? Some customers would actually go to the bank and exchange their coins for one-dollar bills in American denomination. But with the exchange rate, it would wind costing some customers a bit more to get their hands on American money.

Other customers throw the dollar coins at the stage, but that could be hazardous to the dancer. Imagine being pelted with a bunch of quarters. Not pleasant. In Canada it is actually is illegal to throw coins at the dancers (the province of Alberta being the exception to that rule). Some patrons have actually heated the coin up with a lighter, causing permanent scarring. Or they soak the coin with their saliva before throwing them on-stage. In countries that allow coin throwing, some dancers actually adorn their body with bendable magnets that stick on their body. The trick is to aim and hit the target, that being the magnet.

But the best way is what Senator McCain suggested. Start breaking out those five-dollar bills. Or start hoarding your one-dollar bills for future use. That is if male strippers will still accept one-dollar bills in the future. We'll just have to wait and see.

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