On the Road to Marrakesh On the Road to Marrakesh

A fellow blogger buddy just told me this morning that he had booked a trip to Morocco for early September. Then I opened my assignment queue and discovered that I'm blogging about a French and Moroccan guy hooking up on Alpha Males. Weird. It's not like gay porn is overflowing with Arab men, let alone Moroccans.

And if Anzar is what's a good example of what's waiting for my buddy in Marrakesh, then I'm jealous. Anzar is slender and very hairy (even his butt is furry) and he heads out on the Paris streets to see if he can find a French lad to play with. It's not long before Anzar and Brice Farmer eye each other, then they're heading back to Brice's place for a sizzling fuck.

They're passionate and love kissing, then Anzar goes down and swallows Brice's thick banana curve. Brice grabs the Moroccan's head and face fucks him vigorously, then he dives into the stud's furry ass with his tongue. Brice pulls Anzar back on his bone and gives him a ride like he's never had before. But watching them spoon fucking is the best and such a turn-on. Brice holds Anzar's leg and pushes it forward and fills the Arab's hole, all the while these two horny guys can't stop kissing.

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