On Gay Porn is loaded with porn in many different ways. Actually, inasmuch as this porn blog has been around for more years than is remotely average, the impressive and humongous long list of links and favored sites is nearly as interesting as the blog's actual content. Archives here date back to 2005 and supply some entertaining viewing for anyone who wonders if things "were different" then. They were, actually, as we watch some of these studs "grow up". Just the same, Dr. Bill is busy providing the same incredibly hot and sexy content as ever, evolving with the rest of us as we watch continually new and more interesting sites show up on our gay porn radar. He offers streams and videos in his Menu Section at the top of the home page, but, I swear, browsing his "category" section is as unique and entertaining to me. Once again, the richness of content is the issue, not only in his usual excellent standard of quality but in terms of sheer quantity too. I mean, you could definitely get lost in here - and for quite some time. There are some 'Old School" qualities to this site and we all gain from that, frankly. This is a real compendium of interesting stuff.

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