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One of my ongoing jerk-off fantasies involves men is suits fucking. I've been lucky over the years to have very good-looking bosses and it's hard to keep my mind from wandering into those what-if scenarios. You know, crossing line the line, asking your boss to unzip his trousers and haul out his thick cock, then kneeling down behind his desk and sucking him off.

Hot Older Male recently released a DVD called Unsuited and it's packed with men in suits sucking and fucking. Nick and Ben are the latest installment. They're at the office and neither is too enthused at working on their project. Nick Moretti is a 45-year-old, dark-haired handsome man and Ben Martin is a 44-year-old hunk with face scruff and short-cropped hair. Nick gives Martin the eye and Martin can easily see the bulge rising in Nick's trousers.

It's not long before these men are naked and their suits lay crumpled in a pile on the floor. Everything in this office becomes a prop for their hot and sweaty suck and fuck session. Lying across a filing cabinet Martin offers his ass to the butt-hungry Nick. He spreads Martin's ass and digs in deep with his tongue. Then Nick fucks Ben hard and fast with his long, 9-inch cock. Ben, too, gets his chance on top and slides his hard, uncut cock deep up Nick's hairy hole.

What a way to start off the work week! After blowing their loads, these two will be inspired to work hard for the rest of the week. You can watch this scene's free preview video at Hot Older Male.

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