Older Man in Suit

Quentin Braun is a 47-year-old executive, who among other things, loves to pull his cock out of his trousers and show it off. I imagine this older man has a nice collection of photocopies of various parts of his body. When you're the boss of your own company, and you've sent all the minions home for the night, who could resist getting up close and intimate with a photocopier. And Quentin has a little surprise for us: he slides a cock ring down around his crown. It pushes the foreskin down his shaft and prevents it from sliding back over his cock head. His crown is engorged with blood and swells large. He loves the feeling and it's makes his dick stiffen even more. When his cock his rock hard he removes the cock ring so he can jack his meat. And before he gets down to business, he strips out of his suit and shows off his hairy body.

Older Man in Suit

Older Hairy Man

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