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Allen Silver is a sexy, grey-haired daddy and he's one of my favorites over at Hot Older Male. Silver is 49 years old and stands 6-feel tall. He's grey-haired with close-cropped hair and his body is solidly built. This daddy is covered in fur, front and back, and he has a sexy patch of grey hair in the middle of his chest.

In this suck and fuck session from Hot Older Male, Silver is paired up with Will Swagger, who is younger at 42 years of age and a lot shorter, standing only 5'8". Swagger's a good-looking daddy himself and he's mostly smooth with only a faint patch of fur in the middle of his chest.

These two daddies start off making out and then swapping blowjobs. Swagger gets down on all fours on the couch and Allen Silver rims his ass, getting it moist and slippery for his big, hard cock. Then he inches his dick into Swagger's tight butt hole and starts fucking him steadily and firmly. Silver sits back on the couch and Swagger mounts him and backs onto his dick. Swaggers turns around and fucks Silver's cock some more and shoots his load all over this daddy's grey-haired chest. With his chest splattered with cum, Silver jerks his own cock and sends his cum load sailing across Swagger's smooth chest and belly.

If you're an Allen Silver fan, there's plenty more of him at Hot Older Male. You'll want to head over there and check out some of the horny free previews.

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