Older Bald Daddy

Dan Bennett is a sexy, bald daddy and he opens this session wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He's laughing nervously as he starts peeling out of his clothes. Standing in front of the camera bare-chested, he pauses for a couple of minutes and lets us take in his hot, hairy chest. His chest is covered in long, fine, brown hair and he's got a thick treasure trail descending from his chest and swirling over the flat patch around his belly button. This older daddy is wearing a white jockstrap, which can barely contain Dan's meaty cock and hefty balls. Dan lies back on the sofa, spreads his legs, and his cock and balls push out of his jockstrap. Before sliding out of his jock, Dan turns and moons the camera. He's got a beautifully plump and round ass. He even spreads his butt cheeks wide and shows off his fuckable rosebud. Then this older, bald daddy sits back on the sofa and pumps his super thick cock in his hands. Dan is in great shape and obviously takes good care of himself. While he's really 60 years old, this daddy doesn't look a day over 50! Hot Older Male sure does know how to find 'em!

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