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I love Hot Older Male, but sometimes I wish they'd feature more silver-head daddies getting it on. Don't get me wrong, I love the mature and older men on Hot Older Male, but I've got a big fetish for grey-haired men - I can't get enough of them. So when sexy silver daddies Rex and Price showed up on the sitethis week, I was thrilled. And even better, they're a real couple. They flew into Hot older Male's studio from Palm Springs to film this one-on-one sex scene. The men start off in a passionate kissing scene and this gets Rex's meaty cock stiffening up good. Price moves down between Rex's legs to finish the job and bring his lover's dick to full mast. The men swap blowjobs, and then, when they're good and horny Rex hoists Price's legs and starts inching his big cock into his lover's ass. After a few strokes, Price rolls over and gets down on all fours and presents his ass to Rex, who plugs it some more. And then, Price takes a crack at his lover's ass. I sure hope Hot Older Male will be having these grey-haired men back for more.

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