You've seen them on the market, a slew of vids from various amateur pornmakers which specialize in young, hot straight boys being poked, prodded, probed, and masturbated by old, hairy, sometimes pudgy daddy types. May I just say'ewwwwww. This particular kind of gay porn vid baffles me to no end, and I am convinced that the audience for it is very limited. Of course, I could be full of dog shit, but that's the beauty of editorializing. You either agree with me or you don't, and neither of us is wrong or right. Ah, the pleasure in freedom of expression! So, don't get mad at me because daddy vids make me lose my lunch on my shoes. I can't help it. I'm just drawn that way.

First, why are such vids made? Older dudes who happen to have a video camera and an addiction to coercing straight dudes to be fondled for money seem to think that we want to see this kind of material. But honestly, where is the turn-on factor in seeing a hot guy get played with and/or slobbered upon by an old perv who looks like the local plumber or the janitor at a high school. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against vids that focus on daddies and their boys. Clearly there is an audience for it, both for daddies and boys into such unions. But there's a difference between consensual hot sex between two archetypes and watching an old fart jack off a straight dude who looks like he's about to beat the shit out of somebody.

Who watches this crap? Probably the very same daddies who wish they owned the hands that are groping the models on video. The average porn viewer will find this stuff repulsive, cheap and boring, and I think even some daddies and boys would think so, too. The fact is that the market is inundated with this kind of material which is nothing more than video diaries of over-the-hill exploits that ultimately don't add up to much. But some of the companies producing these vids pump out several each month, and many of them feature the same one or two daddies doing their thing over and over and over. Egads.

Again, I'm not knocking the genre of daddy-boy sex on video. What I'm knocking is the continued lack of quality and professionalism in porn, and the ongoing insistence by these old farts that we should pay $60 to see them jack off bored straight guys, suck their dicks, etc. It's basically doing the absolute minimum to create a product and then charging the same outrageous price as other far more appealing vids. I know I don't have to watch them and neither do you, but I'm frankly tired of seeing every DVD catalog laced with these buffalo chips.

Solution? None. I applaud any and all vids that are committed to a particular fetish or type of male. What I don't applaud is poor craftsmanship and self-absorbed daddies who think we give a shit about their spare tires, little dicks, and enormously fat, hairy hands greasing and sliding all over hot boy flesh. Nobody's perfect, and I'm certainly not saying that all old fat bastards must die (although it sounds funny to suggest it). What I'm saying is that most people who are self aware and grounded know when they are porn material and when they are not. The older manipulative predators seem to think they belong on camera. They couldn't be more wrong, and even if they keep most of themselves off camera, we still have to see their Pillsbury Doughboy arms slithering around like fat snakes in search of boy meat. Why not get another hot guy to jack off the straight dude or suck his dick? The audience would grow, the profits would increase, and all would be happy. Until then, beware of these sorts of vids that might look appealing on the covers because of the models, but they ultimately end up being as thrilling as a yawning festival. And hey, to the producers who make this crap, my grandfather is available if you want him. He's got a 3-inch dick and has bigger tits than Dolly Parton. I'll send him yer way.



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