Today's world is filled with the latest gadgets, the newest technology, that does this, that, and everything else you never even thought about, and yet I wonder, at what the cost has been for such wonders?

There are advances in Medical Science, yet are we even aware of them, other than the new and improved version of Viagra to give you a longer lasting stiffy? I mean, yes, there are some people who have difficulties in getting an erection, but no where near the number of people who use these pills.

For myself, I admit, there are times when it isn't easy to get the old willie up for the job. However, that is a by product of being a Diabetic, and yet I don't take Viagra. When the mood is there, the will is too, and the old pecker may take a minute longer to get up, but according to the boyfriend it does the job.

Maybe it makes me old fashioned, or just old?

Yet isn't the real reason that drugs like Viagra are big deals, isn't because it gives needed help to those who need it, but so those who are too stoned to get it up, can now?

Seems to me that if you want to have a good time, get laid, you don't need the booze, the drugs, or the artificial stimulations. I mean a good porn story, a good video of some hot sexy guys, should do the trick, shouldn't it? I know it does for the boyfriend, and I have to admit, for myself too. I like to drink too, but you know, the worst mistakes I made in relationships, occurred while being 'under the influence' and the best decisions, the best sex, were when I wasn't drunk or out of it.

The boyfriend and I, well I don't think we ever stoned or drunk during out 'courtship' and look at how that turned out? I mean married, together for over a decade, and the one's I dated when drunk? Well two are in jail, and the other's are long gone. Some still are at the bars, getting wasted, but they go home to no one.

I get to save money, as booze isn't cheap, plus it is fun to sit on the couch, turn on a half way decent video and get into the mood. It is fun to watch the boyfriend get wide eyed when some stud shows off his rock hard uncut dick, and he whips his out, to compare. Like that is gonna get me horny, without any drugs, any artificial stimulation. I mean the boyfriend is hung, and uncut too.

It is educational too. Seriously, when you watch the good stuff, you get inspired, you learn techniques too. How to do a good rim job, or suck a large pole. How to play with a guy's foreskin, all can be learned from watching some good videos. Granted, some of the stuff they do is a bit hard to duplicate when you are old, and not exactly fit, but hey, it does spur a guy on to at least try.

Not something you can do if you are blitzed or too glassy eyed to see the tube. Then too, booze, drugs, they do tend to keep things from happening, from really feeling them. You may think it helps, but it sure doesn't build long term memories, that help you the next time.

Don't get me wrong, I like a good time and I don't mind a glass or two of some fine spirits too, just that if I want to make the night perfect, to have a good cuddle and romp with the other half, I don't drink the damn bottle. Besides, have you seen what the bars charge these days?

So I wonder, does it make me old fashioned, just old, or just plain lucky?

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