Naked Wrestlers

Patrick Rouge has fought many a greased-up wrestling match in the Naked Kombat ring. He's won a few and lost a few; although he does love getting his ass plowed, so I'm not sure getting dicked on the wrestling mats is something I'd consider a "loss." But in the Naked Kombat ring the loser has to do whatever the winner wants, so it's not always a romp in the park. Patrick returns this week to add another notch to his belt. And he's paired up with big and muscular Trey Turner. Trey did his homework and looked up Patrick's previous wrestling bouts on the Naked Kombat website. In spite of seeing Patrick dominate one opponent after another, Trey figures he's got Patrick figured out and thinks he's going to have an easy time of it. And the big-dicked wrestler does get in a few good ones, but once the referee adds oil into the mix, Trey isn't finding Patrick as much of a push over as he thought. What a treat watching these horny, muscled studs slipping and sliding all over one another. By the end of it, Trey is forced to service Patrick's hot cock, and the good thing is that Trey's ass is already lubbed up and ready to receive.

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