OHLALA Mag is a photographer-produced medium featuring stunning professional picture-taking using amazing subjects - including some gorgeous inanimate series such as the extensive piece on Venice Beach, California in all it's glorious quirkiness. More general tendencies as subject matter are photo-rich discussions of a raft of the most glamorous Twenty-Something models and actors in this decidedly gay-oriented rag. The best model and fashion photographers in the world congregate here in shameless beauty and hot style. Extremely stylish and quite professional, this site is absolutely teeming with interesting photographs and small stories regarding the hottest new guys in the galaxy. That this magazine is located in Los Angeles is something of a given, considering the locations of the shoots, the cute depictions of local colorful neighborhoods and "scenes" and the upscale nature of the fabulous lads posing in these smoking hot layouts. This is hardly a hardcore rag, famous for sex but rather takes us into the "Look but don't touch" regions of high glamor and epic chic style. Fun as a browse, it gets better the deeper one goes inside,and even takes on a much more human dimension when all is said and done. This site adds some sinew to its stylish front.

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