Oh Yes I Am

Well, just when you thought you would sit down for a couple of minutes glancing at someone else's blog, you come across Oh Yes I Am, and before you know it, an hour has gone past. An hour spent in glorious humor, sexiness, a feeling of fun and belonging and, if I can invent a word, gay 'warmthness'. The subtitle here 'the mantra of the fabulously gay' says it all. This blog is about celebrating gayness, showing up the bigots, showing off the super sexy, or the erotic from time to time. It's about livening up our lives with talk of the Golden Girls one moment and then showing us the ES 2012 Swimwear Collection photos the next; Prince Charles on one page, Lady Gaga on the next. It's all very mixed and interesting and fun. This is the kind of blog to have with your morning coffee; take a break, have a read, watch some clips and feel good about everything.

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